Peter-Michael Osera

Assistant Professor ⋅ Department of Computer ScienceGrinnell College

My mission is to help people harness the power of computation in its many forms, in particular, through computer programming. I accomplish this through two paths:

  • I study programming languages and systems and develop tools that put the rich theories and logics used to verify software to practical use.
  • I use techniques from mathematical logic and programming language theory to create and support pedagogy that unites the theory of computer science and the practice of programming.

I co-lead the Systems and Languages @ Grinnell (SL@G) group at Grinnell with Charlie Curtsinger where we investigate problems at the intersection of systems, programming languages, human-computing interaction, and computer science education. I also collaborate with the Laboratory for Molecular Programming (LAMP) at Iowa State University. My work has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation through EAGER and CAREER awards.