CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Demonstration Exercise 8

A Catalog of UI Examples

Over the next two weeks, we will study the psychological principles that underlie many of the heuristics for effective user interface design. To make these theoretical principles concrete, we will discuss examples of user interfaces that are exemplars and anti-exemplars of these principles.

As we work through these principles, your goal is to develop a catalog of user interface examples that will serve as a reminder of how to design effective UIs. For each of these class periods:

You will add 1 exemplar user interface and one anti-exemplar user interface to your catalog that is relevant to the principles discussed for that class period. At the end of our two week discussion, you will have 10 interface examples overall in your catalog.

I recommend generating these exemplar/anti-exemplar examples as you complete the reading for that class period. Our class for the day will revolve around examples, so having your own examples on hand will be useful for powering through our discussion.


In your final report for this period, you will record each of your 10 interface examples and write a brief summary explaining them. For each example:

  1. Identify the UI and the principle that it is an (anti-)exemplar of.

  2. Include at least one screenshot, picture, or sketch of the relevant part of the interface.

  3. In a paragraph or two explain (a) what the user interface is, i.e.,

    • Generally, what system does the interface allow the user to interact?
    • With respect to the principle this UI example embodies, what actions can the user take and what accordances does the interface provide for those actions?

    and (b) why is this example an (anti-)examplar of the identified principle.