CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Final Project Paper

Final Project Paper

The final paper should be structured like a conference-style report, including the following sections:

  1. A paragraph abstract that succinctly summarizes the problem, your proposed solution, and your results.
  2. An introduction that describes the problem you studied and its context, prior work in solving this problem, and an overview of the ways you approached this problem.
  3. A description of your initial observations and experimentation. This part of the paper should be a summary of the work you performed during the first iteration of the human-centered design process. However keep your summary short and to the point: these sections should serve the purpose of motivating your primary contribution which is described in the following sections.
  4. A detailed description of your final contributions. These are your promised deliverables identified in the fourth project milestone. You should describe these contributions, e.g., a proposed design or a methodology, in detail using pictures, code, etc., as needed to convey the salient details.
  5. A detailed description of your results. In all cases, you should have performed some sort of evaluation of your contributions via a small-scale study or heuristic evaluation, Include those details here.
  6. A conclusion summarizing the problem, your proposed solutions, and the results of your work.
  7. A bibliography of the work you referenced in your report.
  8. If needed, appendices containing full data, long-form examples, or other artifacts that did not fit into the report itself.

Throughout your paper, you should cite relevant sources, related work, etc., although you may choose any reasonable citation style for your paper.

This report should be at least seven pages in length, and I fully expect most reports to exceed ten pages easily. This might seem daunting, but note that I do not expect you to write this paper from scratch! You should draw heavily on your previous writing-based deliverables to create this paper, in particular, for the first three sections described above ought to be a concise summary of your previous project milestones.