CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Lab: Efficacy of Type Systems

We’ll take a look at empirical work that tries to validate the usefulness of type systems. With the reading under your belt, you’ll discuss these results with your group. Individually, spend 5 minutes to gather your thoughts about the reading and the following questions (two of which I posed in the reading):

  1. What is your own judgement about the efficacy of type systems based on the literature that you surveyed in the reading?
  2. How does this match your opinions and experiences regarding type systems?
  3. The reading primarily focused entirely on effectiveness of type systems (i.e., statically vs. dynamically-typed programming languages). What other usability concerns do you believe exist with current type systems?

Come back as a group and share your answers to these questions, including a summary of your discussion in your write-up.