CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Lab: Embedding Knowledge in the World

For today’s lab, we’ll explore the idea of embedding knowledge in the world with respect to development tools. Much of our knowledge of programming—the language, the architecture of the system we work in, the libraries and tools available to us—exist exclusively in our heads. In this exercise, we’ll brainstorm what those pieces of information are and creative ways for embedding those into the world.

Consider working either in (a) Racket with DrRacket or (b) Java with Eclipse. With your group:

  1. Brainstorm the different kinds of knowledge that exist that allow you to write programs in your chosen language. Again, think widely here, not just about language, but architectural, and logistical concerns as well. Try to identify at least five such pieces of knowledge.
  2. For each of the pieces of knowledge you identify, brainstorm at least three different ways to embed those knowledge within your chosen language’s IDE. Aim for a variety of different methods that address varying concerns such as understandability, aesthetics, etc.

Turn in these items for today’s lab to Gradescope.