CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Lab: Errors in Programming Case Study

Let’s apply Norman’s taxonomy of errors to a case study in programming: PM messing around with Sonic Pi. You will observe me performing some tasks in Sonic-Pi a programming language and environment for live performance coding of music. Make sure to take notes!

After you are done, discuss the following with your groups:

  1. What kinds of errors did you see in the videos that you watched?
  2. For each error, describe in a sentence an intervention we might consider to either prevent the error from happening or to give adequate feedback to the user.

Finally, pick one of the interventions you outlined in the previous part that your group collectively finds the most interesting and explore in more detail by answering the following questions:

  1. Describe your envisioned implementation of the intervention in a paragraph.
  2. Is the associated error something that is unique, accentuated, or otherwise different with Sonic Pi and its live programming environment than with a conventional programming environment?
  3. Is there anything about the live programming nature of Sonic Pi that changes the nature of your intervention or its considerations?

At the end of the class period, you’ll report back what error your group identified and their proposed intervention for that error.