CSC 395 (Fall 2021)

Reading: Principles of Interaction

Principles of Interaction

Now that we’ve contextualized our two areas of study—programming languages and human-computing interaction—let’s dive into usability! For next class, read the remainder of chapter 1 of DET:

In order to become keen observers of usability concerns, especially when it concerns programming, we need to know what to look for. The fundamental principles of interaction presented by Norman gives us a vocabulary and framework for understanding usability.

Reading Exercise

In the reading, Norman applies his principles to a variety of everyday objects—doors, refrigerator controls, clocks, etc. I would like to apply these principles to a computational artifact that Norman does not talk about and is not a programming environment. More specifically, choose a program (e.g., Excel, Photoshop) or a computational concept (e.g., a file system) and: