(Last updated February 2, 2023)

Are you interested in:

If one, more, or all of these things strike your fancy, then you should consider getting involved with my research group!

Characteristics of Successful Students

There are several key traits of students that are successful in my group that you should be aware of:

Summer MAP Opportunities

The primary way to get involved with my research is through Grinnell’s Mentored Advanced Program which supports students in doing summer research with faculty for credit and a modest stipend. I offer positions in my research group to work on my on-going projects:

Feel free to come talk to me via office hours for more information on what we’re currently up to in each project!

Check out this talk I gave at the University of Iowa to get a better sense of my work.

How to Apply

Please do the following by the February 26 common application deadline:

  1. Fill out Common MAP Application for the Science Division Make sure to list me as a potential research advisor when filling out the form.
  2. Install the Coq Proof Assistant and read through the first two chapters of Software Foundations (Basics and Induction). From these chapters, complete the exercises:

    • [Basics] Exercise: 1 star, standard (identity_fn_applied_twice)
    • [Induction] Exercise: 2 stars, standard, especially useful (basic_induction)

    Feel free to complete additional exercises and work through additional chapters if you find the material interesting!

  3. Email your completed exercises from Software Foundations to me, and we will schedule a time to meet and discuss your work and interests.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them via email; just let me know!